IQ Center is a network of global educational centers designed to provide comprehensive quality education for children. 
The Center was established in 2017 and has 44 branches in Armenia and abroad. The opportunities provided by the center are essential for the development of children’s intellectual thinking. The center offers various courses with highly qualified specialists. IQ Center is the only official representative of SAMA Global Abacus and Mental Arithmetic Association in Armenia and Russia. The Center offers various authoring educational programs, a trilingual online platform, that includes specially designed games-exercises. 

Author’s programs of our center are
• Mental Arithmetic 
•Speed Reading
•Memory Development 

All courses are conducted by the copyrighted books. IQ Center, as the founder of the Mental Arithemic Association in Armenia, organizes international mental arithmetic competitions.

The features of the center are:

  • We are the largest mental arithmetic training center in Armenia.
  • We represent the Armenian Association of Mental Arithmetic.
  • We are a member of several international associations of mental arithmetic.
  • The specialists of our center have international qualifications, are trained in Moscow and Taiwan.
  • We carry out training sessions in accordance with international standards.



On February 1st, 2017, a small educational center was opened in the Administrative district of Davtashen, 43/3.



The main goal of the educational complex is to gather qualified specialists and students around one common idea.



We organized a special seminar on an international scale, which was led by world-famous David Liao.



Today, there are already about 40 branches in different regions of the RA. Centers have also been founded in the USA, the Russian Federation, and France.


Our team

Tel. phone

+374 33 333100


Davitashen first district 43/3